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1. I love the outdoors and am out nearly every day.  I crave the transcendent nature of personal outdoor activities.  Those moments where a person feels one with their surroundings or knows to bend to a greater force; gazing out at range after range of mountains while backpacking, finding a clovis point when hiking, getting into the rhythm of your body and the water while coastal kayaking or cross country skiing, the feeling of being committed to action as one enters a whitewater drop.

2.  I am getting better.  Marriage has issues: I have issues.  More comfortable in social situations than I ever have been in my life.  Realizing and working a plan to overcome deficits from being involuntarily celibate as a young adult (horribly withdrawn and no social skills).

3.  Being on the autism spectrum, I am a voracious learner with the ability to integrate information.  Nearly a polymath.  Sometimes hate myself for it.

4.  I remember the negative emotions so very clearly.  Yet I disregard the positive.

5.  I am an athiest, and ethical.  I recognize that this is the only life we have.  There are no rewards once we die and we have this one chance to enjoy our life and enrich the lives of those surrounding us.

I am tagging:
2011A; a sensuous woman with a big heart and an open mind.

Imtnmm; a guy who evidently is as comfortable in the wilderness as I am and recognizes the transcendence of the experience and the power of being self-reliant.

Moose98;  a very, very strong woman engineering student who has had to overcome social stigma just to pursue success.

Bazzar; the guy with the annoying tag line who always gets me thinking and pushing me to understand a dysfunction.

Enchantingjade; who deserves more happiness than her society will afford her.
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Dec 14, 2012