Tagged Again-2011a- Who'd Have Known? *smiling*

Tagged by a dearheart again. Another BRAT! *laughing now*
Okay. Let's see....What can I reveal to you, curious ones?
I love animals. As a young child, I had all kinds ranging from guinea-pigs, rabbits, ducks, dogs, cats, chameleons, iguanas, birds, squirrels, and on and on. Got this love of animals from my mom who could raise virtually anything. And she healed sick animals. So I developed this early. I have 3 dogs presently. But I have extensive knowledge of animals and how to heal them. Should have been a veterinarian.
I love movement. I play soccer. Hike. Walk my dogs. Do a bit of running. Can ski. Have played many sports. And well. I think that if one moves, one keeps young. And young is good. Longevity runs on the female side of my family. All the women who have lived until very old, were hard-working and active. So I continue this movement. So I recommend this to others.
I am afraid of water. Carlos is going to teach me to swim. He is probably the only person in this world who could do this. I nearly drowned as a child. So I get hysterical in the water. But I love to canoe. And I would love to white water raft. Crazy, yes? *laughing* And I will learn to swim.
I am a natural person. I always wear lipstick. Not a girly girly. But I can rock a dress or short skirt. And when I do wear make-up, I dazzle. I prefer cotton to silk or satin. I love leather. Mmmmmmmmmmm.....But what you see is what you get. And though I do not look in the mirror much, when I do I am surprised by who I see there. Blonde curls, a fetching smile, and sweetness. I don't have to work at it. And people never guess my age. So I am doing something correctly. *smiles largely*
Here's a surprise for you. My only regret in life is having only one child. A golden son. But I always wanted more. I now have two lovely dark beauties-Carlos's daughters. And I love them, though we have not yet. And god-willing and with a bit of luck, Carlos and I are going to have some more next year. And adopt one also. We are so looking forward to this. Joyful. So our circle of love expands and causes more love. Our families join and expand.
That is all until I get tagged again.
I am now tagging the following people:
Stankadiddlehopper-my lovely southern gentleman friend. I love this man.
only4Issabela-a new friend who loves and supports Carlos and me. I adore him.
MisterGrey-another friend who bounces in, creating fun, and love wherever he goes.
MikeWinther-a sweet, caring man whose kindness is enduring, my Canadian western friend.
Tamarite-a sweet, caring man from New Zealand who writes lovely stories and also is kind to all here.

There you go guys. kissesssssssssssssssssssssss.....and smiles....2011A aka Cyn. xoxo

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I have never seen you but for some reason I can picture you hiking up a trail with your dogs leading the way.