Wow Me Too Here..................

Its wonderful being here among 1000s of others in the group.

Thanks to CRYSSY tagging me to join this group ,muaaaahhhhh.

And about me ,kinda want my life to be peaceful at the same time i understand it is not so easy going.For me its MY LIFE MY RULES but the rules arent so hectic.

1)be patient

2)learn from the failures

3)accept others feelings

4)allow urselves to grow

5)no regrets in the future

No life without mistakes ,yet we plan for it ,for making the next mistake.
So is u ,me and everyone .

Hereby i tag my next group of wonderful friends in EP


mellifluousme mellifluousme
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Does any of your socks slip halfway off your feet in your shoes when you walk? Lol

i believe these should be rules of everybody's life, i already tries to follow them all.

i think, we plan so that we should not make mistakes. the 5 P's of USSR Army puts it as "Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance"

Thanks for tagging me

u are welcome

can you please explain me pt. 5)no regrets in the future

wen u luk back in life
u shuldnt have anything to regret
abt ur deeds

thanks, now i got it, "no regrets about past"



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