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Stand by to be bored shitless. (I've been tagged before and I am at the bottom of the barrel for anything interesting new to list)

1 - I am a binge drinker

2 - I drive a 17 year old car to which I am unhealthily attached

3 - I have a dog

4 - I am very politically incorrect

5 - I am fascinated by Japanese films

Tread your own path.
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

Thats OK but I believe I have you beat.
1) I donot drink, but I have lived in a sexless miarage for the last 11 years.
2) I drive a 53 year old car (1960 Plymouth Fury Convertible).
3) I rescued 2 dogs, 1 kitten, and 2 boa constrictors.
4) I am a Scoutmaster.
5) I fall asleep to the music to the movie "Tron Legacy."

Do I need therapy or what?

I understand No. 2, but usually I'm so sanguine about performance that I give in.

Hey, have you ever seen Tampopo? One of my favorites.

Great noodles that chick made.