The Concert In The Mountains

I was taged by Mommaceitta and this sounds like fun

I want to tell a short story about a camping trip in 1992. That was a special year because my youngest child graduated from high school and moved in with a friend.  That just left Kiya my dog, and me to ourselves so we could do what ever we wanted, and I decided that I was going to go camping every weekend that summer.  It was a great summer with many memorble trips that started the weekend of June 4th and lasted untill late November.

One of the later trips we went to one of my special places that is very remote, and I hardly saw very many humans up there (especially in November).  This place has a fairly large medow surrounded by a lot of Ponderosa pine trees, with a few groves of Aspen trees.  The Aspen leaves had changed color, and were shedding them pretty fast.  There was a small creek running through the medow, and I found a flat spot to put up my tent.

As I was putting up the tent it started snowing silver dollar sized snow flakes that floted so gracefully down to the earth that it seemed like I was in a dream.  It was very beautiful, and I love camping in the snow.  After getting the tent up I started a camp fire, and fed Kiya her dinner.  I set my my camping chair up close to the fire and got out my bottle of Jack Daniels, and my harmonica.  This was still in my drinking days.  After tossing the cap from my bottle into the fire, and taking a few good pulls on the bottle I started playing my harmonica.  I was really getting into the music, and wasn't paying much attention to what was going on around me.  After a short while I was ready for more of my Jack, and when I bent down to pick up my bottle I noticed that I had company.  There were 8 cow elk standing in a semi circle about 20 yards from me.  What an amazing sight that was.  It seemed like they came for the concert.  It seemed like they were enjoying themselves, but they didn't give me a round of applaus.  They only stayed a short time and then wandered into one of the Aspen groves.

I since have tryed to recreate this scene during elk hunting season, but without any luck. 

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I loved your story and you painted such a picture I felt I could actually see it.
What an awsome experience and to be alone with nature, how wonderful!!!

that is a serious cool experience!!! i think the best nature story experience I have ever heard! well except for Jack Hanna! :)

Truly an amazing experience! I wonder if them cow elk thought they were listening to some new stud in the forest, with a groovin sound in his 'bugleing' :) On a serious note, (no pun intended) do you suppose the harmonica sounded like a mating call?

I hope not. I like to think my harmonica playing is not too bad. Although an elk bugleing is a beautiful sound, it is very shrill, but thanks for the compliment