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...and I know I spelled his user wrong but I'm not closing this screen to go look.

Five random things:
1. I hate the winter and always have; Christmas is depressing to me and I dislike holiday music; I usually cry on the Winter Solstice because the days will be growing longer again.
2.  While I miss my friends from here a great deal, I fear I may have outlived my purpose on this site.  I seem to do more harm when I am here than any good.  I love writing, but I've used my talent for ill-purpose on occasion and I'm ashamed of that.  I want to write work that people want to read.
3.  I'm proud of the fact that I've maintained a 3.5 in Nursing school -- same school that has a 52% attrition rate because the program is very competitive.  I'm the instructor for the Anatomy & Physiology 1 course next semester -- I work for a specific professor to augment the classroom experience with application education for students struggling.  I'll follow that professor from now on as she oscillates between A&P1 and 2 semester to semester.
4.  Because of some experiences with other nurses making serious medication errors, I'm hypersensitive to the pharmacology section of my program and repeat the online sections until I get 100%.  After all, if I'm you're nurse, don't you WANT me to be 100% accurate, thorough and correct when I dispense your medications?  As a result, I'm now the resident geek on the topic and many of my younger classmates think I'm going overboard.  Go here if you want to know what affected me so acutely:
5.  I used to have a very disparaging attitude toward people who cheat or commit adultery.  While I don't condone dishonesty, I think I understand enough of pain to stop being judgmental toward people whose lives I I can't possibly know or understand.  People do crazy stuff for all sorts of reasons and I have no right to sit in judgment.  Pain makes a person different than they ought to be -- pain over a long period of time makes those changes permanent.  I will never cheat on or with anyone because the idea of that causes me more pain than any that I've ever been in.  So, maybe, some of the people that do cheat or commit adultery, maybe they're in a lot more pain than I've ever been in.  Even if they were or weren't compassion works better.  I don't need to be angry anymore.

I honestly don't know who to tag.  Or how many I can tag...  you know what?  I'm usually a rule-breaker....

If you're in my circle... consider yourself tagged!
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5 Random Things eh?... Okay, I will take this challenge!

Trusty, don't take it personally :-)
I just find these things a bit challenging. I am kinda boring.

To your stuff.....
Did you suffer some loss in the winter? I hate Christmas music too.

My best friend died from melanoma on Dec 3rd, but I didn't know about it until February because in his panic to contact me, he never said what was wrong and didn't give me a number to call back. I knew he hadn't been feeling well, but he'd beaten the cancer when we were in high school. I kept calling him and calling him. This was Christmas 1989 - winter 1990. People didn't have mobile phones. The only number I had was his apartment at BYU. His dad had moved so I didn't have his home number and he didn't realize that. Ever since then, I can't enjoy the holidays. I have this feeling of dread and loss that doesn't really go away until spring. The day I got the letter from his dad that he'd passed away, I fell through a glass door when I passed out. My brain just couldn't take it. His dad was angry with me for not being there and I felt horrible. I've never been able to shake it either. It wasn't as though I'd ever enjoyed the holidays, but that experience sort of made it a permanent thing.

I think this game kinda sucks. But I am so glad to see you around, Trusty!
I will play along. Five things ....

*do I write my things here? Or write another story?*

You write them in another story. I'm sorry you think this sucks. :( But, I'd still be happy to know five more things about you I didn't know before! And it is awesome to see you too! The puppet still kicks butt!!!

Wow... and of course, as with everything you write, this is a very carefully and well written piece. Introspection that makes me want to hug you...

Thanks rktktvi... Now that my semester is over, it's time to reflect upon what worked, what didn't and how best to prepare for the next one!

LOL... I was doing it wrong. Whenever a semester ended for me, I'd relax and goof around!