Ok. I've Been Tagged, So.................

I'm a pretty random guy so finding five random things about myself shouldn't be too hard.
1) I'm probably not as right wing as some people think I am. I'm just outspoken about my more conservative ideas. I consider myself a conservative hippie.
2)  I was raised by people that were seriously counter culture, we often stayed at communes and traveled around in a converted army van called "Mother" I was allowed hallucinogenic drugs from the time I was eight. They said it would open my third eye. Pot too. Two tokes before bedtime. They called me "two toke tito"
3)  Since we've been talking about gun control, According to my own feelings about gun control, I should not be allowed to own a gun.
4)  I've written about 40 songs and made one CD. Which can be heard here.
or the hyperlink in my blog.;
5)  I'm seriously addicted to EP, but I can think of worse things to do.  
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I'm listening to your song "Davey" right now... it's just getting started.

Oh. Thanks for listening. : )

I knew you were seriously talented, but you never told me about the music side or the fact you had a CD which I can't wait to listen to. Your talent in different areas never ceases to amaze me and as much as you wrote about your childhood, you never finished giving me the rest of the story which I found fascinating. Your childhood, although not easy, was interesting to say the least. I miss hearing from you as much as I did and so enjoy your poetry and your writing and WOW!!! NOW the music I knew nothing about. May God continue to bless you in all of your endeavors. I wish you a very healthy, happy and prosperous New Year and please keep in touch.

You've had a very interesting life...but your heart is what matter....and from what I can tell, you have a great big warm heart! :)

Ahhh. Thanks Cryssy. I'm glad you focus on the good side!

I always do....or at least try to! :)

I just sent an email asking for your link to music so it's awesome that you posted it here! I would have a healthier addiction to EP if I weren't so socially inept! THANK YOU for being ecclectic, and a conservative hippie. Otherwise, we all might be stuck thinking Al Gore actually DID invent the internet!

Thank you kindly for dropping by and saying something. You seem socially adept to me. I guess I'm pretty asocial offline these days, like I was telling a friend recently, I've had enough socializing in my past to suit me for a life time. Right now I have 8 people in my offline circle.

I'm actually really bad at social interaction. I have a circle of actual friends who have known me long enough to handle my directness and absurd honesty. Those people are good for me because they let me apologize when I'm wrong and they actually forgive and move on. It gives me space to relax and be myself. Online friendships are not like that and only after learning to make real-life friendships have I learned how to be a friend. Online, I keep expecting that people who get angry at me will actually tell me and give me the opportunity to either explain, or to apologize. With online friends, what's the purpose? For most people, they have enough contacts that such an expenditure is not worth their time. I have had to learn not to judge that. It's been a difficult thing to learn. I think that's why I appreciate your childhood so much because I identify with many of your experiences. In my case, however, I spent most of my childhood trying to survive it so I missed those social opportunities to learn how to interact with others. I'm learning those lessons now and it's tough at 42. My offline circle has only 5 non-relative friends. But, I believe it's the quality not the quantity that counts. Besides, with MY ADD... I'd never keep more than that together. :) And you're very adept socially with the online model. I don't actually know ANYONE who has ever not liked you.

Oh I have some rabid detractors. Always for difference of opinion. I'm very pro Israel so that doesn't fly very well with most of the world.