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Because Bluemoon is an awesome friend, I'll participate. Seems like a fun thing to do.

So, at least 5 things.... I'll go for 10

1. I have twins
2. I don't look for trouble, trouble finds me
3. I'm studying to be an accountant
4. I work part time
5. I prefer white wine to red wine
6. I can't wait to go back to Tahiti
7. I am submissive
8. Green on my favorite color
9. Shoes call to me, I swear they do. I have to buy them ;-)
10. I'd LOVE to see Fungirlmmm's shoe collection....Absolute heaven. :-D

I tag...
Sierra33, Msdamgoode, DTF890, and Ineedadrink
DeeLisa DeeLisa
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

Good list DeeLisa... and I know the call that shoes send out... ;-)

Thank goodness I'm not alone with that one. I suspect there are many of us that hear the call. :-) Thanks.

AWESOME list Dee!! I wanna see all of fg's shoes too!! :D

Thanks for tagging me....

I'm gonna be a very lazy girl and list my stuff right here with yours!! I hope that's ok... :)

I can sometimes be a lazy bum...This post is a total example of that.
I use an old fashioned "perk style pot" to make coffee. It smells AWESOME when it perks.
I LOVE the smell of fresh pine trees.
I suck at math.
I almost always eat fruit for breakfast.

Imma taggin anyone who wants to write one of these....Just say I tagged you and I will swear to it! :D

Very cool Sie! Thanks for participating... Enjoy today.

Aww hugs and hugs... :)