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how do i play this game?

ok 5 random things about me...

1. I first visited EP when i had depression and i had no one to talk to.
My first friend in EP friend quit the day after i talked to her and mysteriously all of the PMs i had with her, including her account, comments in stories and white board disappeared without a trace. She was incredibly wise and her comments made a huge impact towards me.

2. I left EP before and made a new account since l had lost my original one. The reason why i left is because i thought it was comforting to read depressing stories. I thought that EP somehow made me feel comfort in people's misery and i felt that it was going no where. This made me think that leaving EP could be a part of moving on.

3. I am confused with many things. I am a living paradox and i'm not so sure what i feel about things anymore.

4. I have a love for philosophy, psychology. Math and Science

5. I secretly want to be a musician, a violinist
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

That sounds like an exciting quest.... a journey you must take! Sounds really exciting too. I understand about not wanting to feel comfort from the suffering of others. There is a sense of belonging... but its a group you don't want to be part of in a way.

Perhaps it was. Crawling out of the crab pot takes courage, commitment and a complete lack of structure and planning. You just gotta crawl out and try to keep those who are firmly entrenched from nipping at your legs. Besides, I doubt you ever really felt "joy" at anyone else's misery... just joy that you weren't alone.

See? You weren't actually comfortable with them being miserable.

Sooooo... you play the violin?


Ignore the dude singing, he's alright, of course. Pay attention to the violinist. This piece nearly brings tears to my eyes.