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Oh my dear RedScarletRose aren't you just so special for tagging me lightly last evening. So many thoughts race through my mind on what to share with you and all in EP land.  Not to disappoint, but the list today G rated.

OK here goes -

1) I’ve scuba dived in the Pacific, Atlantic, Caribbean and a mineshaft in St. Louis.   My deepest dive 101 feet.  One foot deeper than certified just because.

2) On a dare I peed on an electric fence … never do this!

3) I’ve mountain biked down Vail Mountain (the gondola took us up)

4) My high school guidance counselor once told me “don’t worry not everyone is smart enough to go to college”

5) I’ve ridden horseback on the beach in Cabo San Lucas

6) While in high school my then girl friend and I had sex on the 50-yard line of the football field late one night after a game.

7) During college I lived on mac and cheese as it was cheap and easy to fix.  Five boxes for a dollar back then.

8) I’m 40% of the way through my bucket list, two more checks planned for next year.

9) I worked 3rd shift all through college to help pay my tuition.

10) I once went to work dressed as a woman (more of a **** actually) as part of a fundraising event.  Embarrassing and yet super fun.

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3 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Great stories. I was actually surprised to read that we have 4 of these experiences in common.

That's one!

Wow...now that is a neat list. Who would have thought you were such a complex man?!... teasing...kisses..I really enjoyed reading this list:)

Never!! LOL

Great list! :) Im imagining what happens when you pee on an electric fence!