I Have Been Tagged? Well, Here's My Story. 5 Random Things That Worketh My Nerve

I have been Tagged by Cryssy1980

1.) Jealous people really worketh my nerve! that's right I typed it right worketh. lol! How is it that a person can take one look at another person that they may never have met or don't know and have a dislike for them all because of the way they look walk, talk or by what they have. I get it all the time! Dealing with Jealous Syndrome People worketh my nerve.

2.) What worketh my nerve again is people who has a full cell phone conversation while the nice cashier is trying to handle your transaction. Get Off the gab box and take care of business! That worketh my nerve!

3.) Oh! my goodness this burns and worketh my nerve. When I am standing in a Wal mart line or any store line to checkout, why is the person behind me so close that they are breathing down my neck. if I take a step back literally  they will be all on my butt. Give me some dang room space hogger! That worketh my nerve!

4.) Why! when I go to the Gym and proceed in the weight room all I hear is loud GRUNTS from the muscle men! lol! what's up with the grunting, that does not give  them strength to lift anymore and it does not make them sound strong, it  just sounds like they  are having a hard time relieving themselves in the bathroom. That worketh my nerve!

5.) Last but not least, Drivers on the road can be the most impatient drivers, rude, carless, reckless, makeup applying, nose picking, cell phone texting, hamburger and fry eating, speed racer, law breaking people I ever seen! That worketh my nerve!

Phew! All 5 of these random things had to be released! lol! I feel much better now. :o)

the next 5 people I will tagg huh? I don't know, dont have many in my circle. lol!
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

Wow.....and these are the things we think about, thanks for speaking about it! They are nerve wreckers for sure!