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I’ve been tagged again, this time by TrustisEarned (a.k.a. Yossi).

1. I just graduated from college, completing my undergrad degree. I have no idea what I actually want to be when I grow up, but I’ve found a few possible jobs that I’m interested in nearby.

2. After living with him for close to nine years, I’ve finally given up any hope that my husband will ever return things to their proper place in the kitchen when he helps me out by cleaning up. I’ve tried labeling. I’ve tried putting things where he puts them in the hopes that maybe that would get him to put it back where it goes. Nope, he just puts things up willy-nilly.

3. I don’t think I’ll ever find it funny when someone decides to make a ******** joke when I use my tip money to pay for things. I do appreciate the movie Magic Mike for giving me the great line, “You don’t want to know what I have to do for twenties,” as a response.

4. The deer that live in the park that surrounds the airport near my house are evil and batshit crazy.

5. Speaking of deer, I got kind of an odd look when I brought home a particular Christmas ornament the other day. Santa is dressed in camouflage (I came nowhere close to spelling that correctly and my brain still thinks the “u” is in the wrong place despite what spellcheck has to say about it) and carrying antlers and a deer rifle. I thought it was hilarious. M thought it was just a bit twisted….

Now…to choose five lucky people to participate in the tagging….

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Lableling is kind of addiction to me. I give a thumbs up for the effort.^^

Santa in camouflage? Odd. +_+

I love the Christmas decoration... what's not to love about it?

He claims that it's just a bit odd for Santa to be hunting deer...especially since the antlers in question definitely are not from whitetails, lol.

well, it seems clear to me what happens when reindeer can no longer fly.....

LOL! That's very true. No happy place for them to retire to and graze for the rest of their days.

If there IS a real Santa Claus, M has got to admit that Santa is quite the pragmatist. Coal for naughty children? Seems directly about "cause-and-effect" for the jolly old guy. Venison is yummy... ergo, reindeer must be yummy. Maybe even "Good Eats." So, being the pragmatist, he would actually want to preserve grazing fields (which must be rare in the North Pole) for the younglings and active fliers... Then again, he'd probably spare his most prized stud to create studly progeny... THAT would be extremely pragmatic.

And if that is the case, Santa and I have a LOT in common :).

And THAT would be why I think you're so cool! :)

The cool kids stick together :)

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