Thanks Ex............

Tagged again. bastages!

5) i may dislike most of you strongly

4) the previous statement is a lie

3)im quite bitchy at first. but really just a softie on the inside.

2) i dont know what im doing half the time- i make it up as i go. what are the rules to this game? i dont even know.

1) I'm smarter than i let on. i know,tis shocking. My own parents dont understand why under achievement is my goal. i just dont see the need in proving how smart i am. I dont need IQ tests to prove how dumb most people are. And that sounds arrogant. But, i simply dont care.

I am tagging...........Nunya, Cossy and ..............*drum roll* That NinjaKiss guy.

Oh and fukk you Ex! wtf is this about?
EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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4 Responses Dec 16, 2012

If tagged, I won't play.

Just letting everyone know.


Oh dear. You got pulled in... <3

lol. X] Nunya informed me I was tagged. but why meeeeeeeeeeeeeee??????

.cause i wubz u

you *****!

........i love ya? =P