Once Again....

!. I'm playing GTA: San Andreas

2. Bum *** baller just shot my low rider to ****

3. I shall get Edie back for tagging me.

4. I love Cossy with all my heart and can't wait to kiss her again on xmas.

5. I'm taking Cossy to see The Hobbit. =D

I'm tagging Edie, Edie....and Edie! =D
Nunyabuziness Nunyabuziness
31-35, M
2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Muaaahhhhz! I can't wait! ⁀⌣⁀ ❤

Shaw mi ur tets!

peh etinshon en luk et guhglez Lick. ;]~


u cant re tag me !!!!! thats a rule or something! wtf?! COSSSSSSSYYYYYY where are you?!

she cant help you, foo!

.D: you are being a mean Link!

Eyz es Lick n ey diistroi teh evolnezz 4 my printsess Zolda!

.D: is noeht evolnezz and comez in peaz!

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