I Made 50 Things About Me Already

Since I was tagged by Javababe, legation and Ivankaramazov , I guess I should do this.
Do I have to add 5 for each person who tagged me?
I don't want to so 5 will do.

1) I had a thesis/study which involves bananas. Me, my parents and friends had to eat lots of it for a year. After that, there was a period in my life that just the scent of bananas makes me nervous or nauseous

2) I never had a decent toy when I was a kid. No dolls, no stuffed toys. My preferred toy/s were bottle caps. That's casino chips for kids.

3) I blame my lack of toys for fracturing my right clavicle when I was 8. (I was playing tag and hide iand seek with my cousins until i tripped. I had to wear a cast for 2-3 mos if I remember correctly)

4) I've recently signed a DNR (do not resuscitate) for my 96 yo grandma.

5) Now we are arranging her funeral.

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I am sorry about your Grandma. What is a tag on this site? I am new

Thank you. :)

when someone tags you...that means you need to do share somethings about is like saying, it is your turn. :)

oh, thanks

I honestly don't know what a tag is

Sorry about the DNR. I am sure it was difficult for you but such things are necessary to protect the dignity of life even in death.

I very much agree with you on this :)

PGY2 here, what year are you?

55 'Foon Facts!

I want more ... ;P

Yikes I want to be a mystery!

Mysteries can be fun ;)

sorry for the loss of your grandma. hope you will find peace and comfort soon.

thank you....

Now o forgot the wuestion darn it

Sorry to hear about your ailing grandmother and that's sad that you did not have any decent toys as a kid. :(

It would be interesting to know what the results of your banana eating study were. I don't know that they are necessarily the healthiest choice compared to other fruit. Everyone associates them with lots of potassium, but other foods, like a plain baked potato, have way more.

ah, my study is not abt eating bananas per se. I was studying other components and how to extract the said component and if its viable for commercial use. :)

DNR's are never fun, but they are a necessary evil unfortunately. I trust she goes out with minimal pain :)

Thanks for the tag! Oh......and if you like, I'll buy you some toys :)

Yeah. My mom was sentimental so I had to take away the guilt for her. My grandma was gonna go to septic shock anyway, just don't wanna add more ... :s

Yes pls do. Massagers would do lol :P

Massagers? How did I know you would introduce adult toys to this conversation? lol

Massagers are not adult toys!
Fine, I want a Barbie then!

Sure, come get it :)

Pfft lousy answer :P

lmao! Touche!

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