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Here goes my list of five random things about me....

1) I have been to Africa on Safari

2) I love to make pizza from scratch

3) I hate holding the remote because I can't stop flipping channels

4) I rarely eat leftovers

5) I have a goal to have sex in all 50 states before I die (5 down, 45 to go)

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3 Responses Dec 18, 2012

I like making my pizzas out of flour and tomatoes ... I've never had a scratch pizza ... I'm scaryed though because I am imagining that the Pepperoni would be made of scabs (not the kind that involve aliens taking hoffa and unionists) .

Poor tomatoes

I don't eat leftovers either. Yuck. Can help you with #5

I will most def. Need your help with 5. Lol

LOL Larry, i refuse to play again!

Thats okay if you dont wanna. It took me awhile to pull myself out of my pity party and do it.

. pity party? whats up?

A bit of a rough going at home. I live in crazy town as you may know. Happy freakin holidays!!!!