There Is A Tagging Ep-idemic Going On....

I was tagged by Fishlover, bless her little fishy heart....
I'm just not that interesting to come up with all these
"unknowns" about myself .... The following things are all true, but if it happens again... I'm making stuff up. ( I was the Queen of Ireland, no.... I am a princess locked in a tower... AND I have paintings in the museum of modern
art!) ... Ok, real stuff:

1.) I've been rich, and I've been poor, and right now I'm medium. It only changes the choices, not my heart, spirit,

2.) I REALLY want to relocate to a warmer state. These Idaho winters are too dreary for this lover of sun. Get me out of here!

3.) I am not a Christian, however I do think there are lessons and positive " rules " to follow... If you pick and choose them wisely. ( Don't hate me, Christian friends, your faith just isn't a good fit for me.)

4.) There is nothing sweeter than a newborn kitten. Human babies??? You've got to be kidding!

5.) Friends don't let friends eat fruitcake!

If you happen to read this, please cough up one (1) thing I wouldn't know about YOU!!! Peace be with you during this special time of year. Heck! Peace be with you ALWAYS.
Oxo... YOU rock. Kathie
Kathieredart Kathieredart
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2 Responses Dec 23, 2012

I love fruitcakes too...especially the incredible, inedible, inflatable ones! ;)

I haven't had even one slice of fruitcake this season.... I need to have 1 to make it feel like Christmas. Does it feel like Christmas to you?

It does today...because I was at the mall...(mad house), and I wrapped all but the last two gifts for tomorrow with my family. I'm too tired to's Christmas, for sure! It's about the only time I get this tired. Christmas...and that first time I exercise for my New Years resolution. ;)

:-). Too tired to type .....

Oooops ... I was so elated to be finished I forgot to tag: Coyotedave... LGnNC ( a new friend, let's break him in!) ... And also my pal, BozoBuckets. ( I will slip you some tokens and several heartfelt gestures. ) Sorry guys, but it isn't THAT bad!