Tagged With Love

 Great idea this tagging experience! I won't complete this story in one "sitting". This time of year is very busy, that's why I write a bit every day (I'll try).
I've been tagged by someone who became my best friends in a short time, here on EP. It's a she and she's lovely . Problem is, she doesn't always know it. But now you do don't you? Never forget it any more, please?
Having conversations here, You write, I read and the other way around, is hard. It is easy to misunderstand each other. I do not see you, you do not see me.
 Body-language is absent. Still most of us around here manage to build real friendships. Isn`t that amazing?
Next to building friendships, I see EP as a source of information too. Information that would`ve been harder to reach using alternative ways. More important maybe even: here I find more personal information. Coloured, maybe...., but honest!
 The world still exists, 21-12-2012 has passed Santa has gone and 2013 is coming. What will 2013 bring us? Here from this spot I wish everybody on EP, including Staff of course a Happy New Year. I do not have the faintest idea what it will bring us, but hopefully it will be a better year compared to 2012. That year brought us (many of us) a lot of hardship all in different ways. Let us remember 21-12-2012 as a date on which every inhabitant of this Earth understood that we cannot do without her. We need her, but she needs us. So let us live in peace with Mother Earth, with Mother Nature. Don't poison her. Leave her rain-forests in one piece and care for all her children, as said including Flora and Fauna. 
 When I understood correctly I have to find 5 other EP-members to tag. Problem is though that I do not know who has been tagged and who has not. I'll try to find out.
 In the mean time I wrote the foundingmother of this tagging experience, being "fungirlmm". And "mmm" it is! Anyway, I asked her how to find out who played this experience and who did not. That way not tagging somebody twice. She said that nobody had to play the experience-project tag when they did not want to. That's obvious but that way it doesn't mind whether you are tagged by me or not for the second or for that matter third time. So I'll take a look in the long list of members of this experience, after that I'll tag along and we'll see.
It came to mind that it could be an idea for EP itself, to take this tagging experience in one or other form and introduce it in EP. "When one gets tagged; this means somebody is extra interested and would love to hear something from you in one or another way. Or is this a silly idea? I don't have this many viewers yet, that may be because I did not tag anybody yet. I'll finish this "tagged" story and after that I'll let you know whether you won my tag or not lol.
  On the moment I message that much that I don't have time to finish this one. Yeah... a lot happens behind the scenes! ;-) In between I have to look for my day job... where did I leave it! Can't find it ;-)........
So here we go, tagging along to the sunshine, you'll see!
xxxWanna (NOT2Bcontinued)

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