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1. I love anything with gravy.
2. I know I cannot change the past.
3. I am very short and small.
4. I can make you a kick-*** pizza.
5. I just want to be outside.
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5 Responses Dec 31, 2012

Darlingest of darling Tagees,

1.) Gravy=soul food
2.) Fu@k the fu@king past... ( past is called PAST for a reason )
3.) You are akin to a delicate, yet hardy spring blossom
4.) Pizza+ groovy sauce=love in its highest expression
5.) Sweet Nature Girl, The earth loves you right back!

As I sit here a tad bit ready to tear up, ( it's the " past" thing ) while true you can't change the past, you can learn from it , thank it, then kiss it goodbye.... A ton of blessings on your dear head.

Regrets still suck.

Even when its cold? Brrrr .... not me. I like a nice warm building. (#5)<br />
Mmmmm .... gravy. Yum! (#1)<br />
<br />
Wait ... Who are YOU TAGGING ...?

Oops...I forgot that part. I tag you.

Trusty, as a transplant from Chicago to Atlanta, I HAD to learn how to make good pizza! Southerners can make a lot of delicious things, but pizza sure ain't one of them.
It is all about the sauce :-)

Really, southerners don't know the art of pizza making. Interesting. Who knew that was a northern thing. Sauce is the most important part. Without it, its just cheesey bread.

See there? I didn't know could make pizza! Do you have a gluten-free recipe? If so, I'm coming over for dinner!!! I wish I could be outside, but it's really really cold and I'm just not going. However... I sent the kids out and they seem to enjoy the cold.

I like what you did there with the title!

All these bumps and not one comment?

Well I will certainly say somethin(shut it you).

I like gravy too. =)

Good gravy!
My Grandma use to say that.

Good gravy!

I still say that =)

I remember that saying :~)