Tag...you're It!

I was tagged by my pal "bonnieyeah"

Ok so 5 random things, lets see then:

5. I'm 5'9...so I think I'm kinda tall

4. I have an acoustic guitar that I named Stella

3. I'm Hispanic but I get confused with a Native American a lot

2. My neighbor's wife hates me because she thinks I flirt with her husband...I don't though.

1. The scent of a man's cologne drives me crazy :-P

I'm tagging:

JamesHet...he is a real nice and helpful guy

lmtnmn...he likes to speak his mind

SuperManny91...he makes me laugh

ellision13...his poems are amazing
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Nice I love to play guitar also, ;-)

Playing guitar has away of taking you to a place of peace and happiness, ;-)

That's what my flute does for me, can we agree: music takes you to times and places?