Tagged And Happy :d

I was tagged by Floydess(it's the second time you tag me by the way, you have something against me? hahaha) so I need to bring 5 different random things about me..... let's get started then....

1. Okay uhmmmm...... this one will sound a little lame, but I like souvenirs, my sister lives in another city, so everytime she comes to our house(my family) she always brings me a little gift, it's usually a little owl statue, which I just happen to find that adoooooorable. (by the way I prefer little souvenirs than big gifts, it may be small but it is also a treasure, maybe that's why I like souvenirs)

2. I want to see snow one day. The country I live doesn't snow... people say I am not missing anything, but it's just my dream since childhood, I want to gather around with friends and all, and we have a snowball fight, do little angels on the floor and make a snowman.

3. I can do cat's cradle!!! I just remembered of it now, this is so fun! I think it's a play that born in Asia, they call it "Ayatori" in japan, I know only the basics, how to do a star, the 4 diamonds, and tokyo tower, oh wait and witch's brush hehe

4. Nobody knows but I am a huge fan of Asia, well actually not all of asia... just China, South Korea, Japan and Indonesia. I have a particular reason for each country..... South Korea is NOT for Gangnam style *disapproval face*, what I love about Korea is breakdance, in my opnion they have the best breakdancers ever. Japan is about masks, they have a festival or carnival were there is a shop of masks, not plastic masks, ceramic ones, and I want to have the mask of the fox tale, Kitsune if I am not mistaken, I saw it in a cartoon movie once, so it's just childhood dream. China... it is about the maple tree, I must see thoose beautiful red leafs in my life, I would also like to have one of that tree in my house and Indonesia hehe, TOP SECRET!

Almost done, almost done....

5. Oh, I totally hate phone calls, I hate talking on the phone sooo much, I don't know I just make alot of gestures and the person can't see!! that is just outrageous.. specially when I don't know the person, I just dispose it I even get grumpy "Hello?!?!?!", so calls doesn't work for me, I dislike even talking to my sister on the phone, I prefer things face to face muuuuuch more, but well there is a little special one that I don't mind calling me hehe, in fact if that person calls me I will have a big smile and anwer "hewwo? *lovely face*", and then my heart will get fast and stuff hehe <3, but only that person and that person only that I like to talk on the phone hehe

Now the tags!!

1. KittyFee (my reason for tagging you is because you never played EP tag, and you are a member since 2010!!! You must have a tag, and here I am tagging you :))
2. GameBoy1995 (my buddy for a loooong time, sorry pal but I just had to tag you on this one haha)
3. LelliMalik33 (another very good friend of mine, we talk so little, I need to know her better, so here is my way for that, I hope you don't get mad at me hehe)

I would tag peanlo, but she would totally get mad because Floydess already tagged her, and she would probably get revenge on me somehow haha, so I'm not taking my risk on tagging peanlo on this one :P

So now I take my leave... until somebody tags me again.

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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Come see the snow in Norwaaaay :D

top secret huh? hehehe >..

yes, it's secret secret secret hehe *covers my lips*

hehehe &gt;..

I am still TheX, so I need a little mystery hehe