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5 Random Sunni Things eh?

1. My first name is another word for Sunni...

2. I am one of 'those' annoyingly happy morning people.

3. I am going to be a grandma in June!

4. I have been MIA from EP for the past 6 months.

5.  According to the rhyming dictionary, there is no word that rhymes with my maiden or married last name.

TAG!  Whoever reads this... Your turn!  HAHAHA!
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

CAN YOU tag me back? What's the ruling on that?

Soooooo, I'll be the elephant in the room... why have you been gone? I was worried it might be your back again and told myself I was going to message you when the semester ended. And then my semester never really ended because I, like the uber-geek I am, have been doing the bridge work for the next semester and it was a shocking amount of work. I hope you're back is ok and that everything is groovy.

Congrats on being a gramma... That's wonderful news!!!

My back is okay, it was my left wrist that has been giving me fits on and off over the past years due to an injury I incurred some years ago. Oh ya, another of those LONG *** stories to go with that one! HAHA

I will message you in a bit :P

Yay for grandma!!!!!

You have been very missed, and it's very good to see you poking around on here again :).

Thanks :)
It is sort of funny, every time I have tried to log in and catch up, someone has interrupted me! Between kids, the holidays (which I start prepping for in August), kids all converging on the house, daughter finally getting a job so she is not breaking our budget, and my empty-nest syndrome from one of the kids leaving home it has been an um... interesting... end to 2012 and I welcome 2013 while challenge it to be 100% better and calmer!

If you figure out a way to bring about "calmer" let me know, lol :).

As soon as I figure it out!