I've Been Tagged By ::: Anonimacy!!!

Okay, so I've been tagged!!! Heehee!
Here are my five things....

1. I've always been a bit of a nerd memorized all the StarWars movies (The original Trilogy), Own all the Harry Potter Movies and Books. I like stories where seemingly ''underdogs'' come up and become heroes. I like to geek out a lot!!!

2. I went to a church were a Pastor took me and my hubby under his wings and got me to minister several times... even doing the Sunday morning services. ~ He really got me out of my shy shell and gave me confidence. ~ I thought this nerd would never have wisdom to share... I was wrong. My husband and I were used mightily. ~ Unfortunately our Pastor died years ago, and we've been lost w/ out a church home ever since. But we've never lost our faith!

3. I love taking car trips with my family. We have so much fun getting away! Haven't done it in such a long time with the cost of everything rising except our paychecks! I would love to do it again!

4. I like to lift other people up and make them feel good about themselves. I'm facebook friends with lots of my son's friends and I enjoy joking and cheering them on. I seem to notice the ''left out'' people and I try and make them feel special. My youngest son wrote me a Mother's Day letter years ago and I keep it in my desk at work... one of the lines he wrote said, ''You are a good person because you are so friendly and you make people feel good. You also are good at starting conversations. You always seem to know what to say to people that make them feel better about themselves. If they are sad, you always cheer them up.''..... he said other things, it brings tears to my eyes. Because I never had that in my own Mom.

5. My own Mom is very much a perfectionist and is the leader of the household. She doesn't think my husband is too bright and thinks that I should change him,,,, but she's disappointed that I hadn't done that in all the 21 years I've been married so far. I seem to go out of my way to be my own person, separate from the way she did things. I side with my Dad most all the time and I try and stick up for him. ~ My Mom would freak if she knew that I was submitting to Domestic Discipline. But I feel more strong for doing just that.

So that's my 5 things!

I guess I'll tag

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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

I read this before but I don't know why I didn't comment??
Just wanted to say I 100% agree on what your son wrote to you. I've noticed the same. You make people feel good! I love that! It's a blessing in a friend ;)

I just figured out how I missed this... I love knowing these things about you. I am sorry I didn't read this 6 months ago when you wrote it.

Yes that is it. I took 2 months off from ep early in the year so this month I could bump up stories that may have been missed.