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hmmmm let think think......

1. Well I have an incredible passion for working with children. I am working hard and on my way to become a kindergarten teacher. I have had my own children's dance and karate classes and i just really enjoy doing anything with them.

2. I LOVE to volunteer. It makes me feel super good inside. I give blood regularly and I volunteer in the special Olympics yearly. I also volunteer in my church as much as possible and in the local elementary schools.

3. I am extremely claustrophobic. Just thinking about confined spaces makes me nervous 

4. I'm scared of the ocean

5. I have a hugs/scary obsession with Family Guy and I honestly dont know what I will ever do with my life if the show gets cancelled lol.

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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

All very nice to read. These little tag stories are a great way to get a little insight.

Thanks for writing and sharing

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading

Your passion for working with kids and volunteering so much makes you a real angel! as far as the ocean...it is so grand, the sight, the sound, the view on top as well as under is breathtaking

I got my five gallon pin last year, everyone should give blood!!

Good job!

wow great job!! I hope I make it to that much

It's a gray feeling, isn't it? Keep going, you'll get there.