Thanks Sharossody

I'm just going to write 5 random things, whatever comes to my mind.

1- I started to read an interesting book called Evil Beyond Belief an A-Z of heinous crimes by Charlotte Greig and John Marlowe, and I will take my time to read it because I take notes.

2- My daughter just got into her first bus accident today, everybody is okay.

3 - For those who have seen me before with long hair, I got this new haircut that makes me look like bettyboop, gosh I'm still trying to adapt to it. 
4 - I'm always craving icecream

5 - I'm into psychology but I'm also interested in criminology, I may end up studying forensic pshycology.

I don't have anybody in mind to tag they already wrote their stories, looks like I was the last one.

OoLunaoO OoLunaoO
3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

1) Ohhh! well done! And thank you for the name of the book and the author. Very interesting read by the sounds of it. :D

2) OMG! sorry to read that. Glad everyone is alright. Phew!!!!

3) Ha!ha!ha! My niece absolutely loves Betty Boop. So, guaranteed she will love you. I know what you, mean though. Getting used to a new hairstyle is hard isn't it?? LOL I bet you look gorgeous! :D

4) Oooooooh! "Your not are you"?? LOL (kidding)

5) I studied psychology! But just didn't pursue it further. I learned just the basics. Wish i'd taken it further now. Good for you. For going the whole 100 yards. Good luck to you on this one.

Ha!ha!ha! "Who have you in mind"! (twitches mousetache") LOL

Thank you for sharing. I now know a lot more about you. :D :D

twitches mousetache? lol
is interesting you studied psychology I'm so into it and hopefully make a career out of it, wish me luck.

Yes ai! I learned a "little of psychology". Well enough to get me through life. LOL

I wish you. my darling friend! Every success in your chosen career! Good luck chicka! :D :D

Oh, taking notes. Great ! You are doing something that I used to do occasionally and always wanted to do more often. Reinforced.

is a good thing to write stuff is an easier way to remember things.

gee hope there's no back lash with the daughters accident.. I bet the hair feels different, I keep mine short and even after a hair cut it sort of makes my head feel "light"
My youngest grandie is doing pshycology at uni now, she is in her second year... my we do have things in common, eh?....hugs...S

My daughter is fine =), I just did my first year preparing for the real deal, I'm anxious can't wait. Yes we do have things in common *hugs back*