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1) I play french horn, and have played since I was 12. In college, I traveled to Australia and played my horn in the Sydney Opera House. :D And then we "hopped" over to Hawaii and played for the Pearl Harbor site.  That was one of the most solemn moments in my life.  Very touching.

2) I LOVE Mr. Bean.  I was introduced to him when I traveled to Australia, and have enjoyed watching him ever since.  My daughter is also hooked on his show.

3) When playing Band Hero, my instrument of choice is bass guitar.  I love the rhythm of the background.  To me, it represents the foundation of the musical piece itself.

4)  I am a teacher and I have taught English to students from age 4 to 54, and to students from all over the world. I have had students from Laos, China, Japan, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Russia, Estonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Sweden  Ecuador, Mexico, Spain,  Brazil, and more.  It's so amazing to learn about their cultures and to hear their stories.  We in the USA are so spoiled.  And no, I do not speak all their languages, but I DO speak and write Spanish.

5) I attended a one-room school from grades 2-5.  We were not allowed to communicate with each other during the day except at phy ed and recess.  We had little cubicles and workbooks for our curriculum.  If we ever had a question for the teacher, we had to put our flag up.  There was corporal punishment at the school, and I earned 2 spankings- one for "cheating" (which was in grade 2, and I didn't know..) and one for lying in 4th grade.  Yeah- that one I deserved.  

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