Got Caught By Floydess :p

I got caught again in this endless game :P I'm not typing the rules, don't be lazy, if you are tagged you need to go find em yourself :P Fair huh?

*learned the hard way that it's not good to set fire to the rain!

*When I type names the first letter has to be always capital or else It'll make me feel bad. I believe that it stands for respect but I wouldn't get dramatic about it meaning its okay if a friend wrote my name with no capital letters.

*The only two reasons I'm not having a crush on Nicolas Cage and/or Damon Salvatore is that I'm a guy and I'm straight.

*I'm really trying to start over and set my goals, but at sometimes I just don't give a damn anymore..

*I sometimes like spoiling my phone and/or laptop.

I tag :

1-CompletelyIncomplete (To welcome her back on EP :})
2-maan1994 (You need to add stories about yourself :})
3-rainbows4 (You need to start adding stories :} and also to welcome you back to EP again)
4-iloveyou2014 (I understand you have been tagged before but now it's my time to tag you :})
5-lillostangel (I do like taking advantage of such a situation so that I can tag whoever I want :} and I choose you)
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Gah u dork fine ill go make anotherr one:)

Lol easy :P