I Was Tagged Again :)

I was tagged by ayearwithoutrain:)
Idk the rules
I just base it offa wat i wrote befotr and wat he wrote sooooo lets begin shall we:)
*i love like lloooveeeee just about all songs by hinder i mean lips of an angel all american nightmare get stoned oh i love hinder so much!!
*i cant type my fone spazzed out when i press a button and i mean backspacing after everyletter "aint nobody got time for tht" (anyone see tht youtube video ahhahahah)
*i miss hving friends u know like tons ...tht like adorbe talking to me bout evgerything all thr time
* i get very confused by love i never ubderstand if its true love or friend love or wat
(How many of these do i hve to do again? I shoulda posted the rules)
*hmmm i suffer from chronic migranes if u hve them u know wat im talking bout
*when my granpa was burryed on christmas eve my mom handed me a bear(i call him pop bears bc my grandpas nickname is pop or was) and told me my sister was always his fav... Im a very very messed up person just ask my 2 friends on here
Anywayyy i think im done:)
I taggg
1) aloserlikeme(bc he isnt a loser and is to stubborn headed to admit it
2)ammi17 (bc im tryin to know him better maybe this will help huh whatcha think?)
3)2chainsrocks(bc he is ammmaazjnggg :)
4) GrandPaRo(for being so so sweet and listening and talkin to me)
And lucky number 5)michael2233(bc he is just suoer sweet)
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Nice story :) what genre do this hinder band play? They seem like cool.
And you don't need to worry much about your migraines it'll hopefully get better, it has to get better some day.

Its like modern rock pop or so its amazing listen to it and surreee