First Time Tagged

This is the first time for me to play Experience Project tag after 2 years be a member of this site. And I was tagged by TheX.. I should write 5 facts about me right? Okay, lets start..

First of all, I want to get married before I reach age 30.. My target is around 25 or 26 years old to get married. But if I can't make it, it will just be okay, may be I will feel little disappointment, but it will be alright..

Second, I am half deaf.. I can't hear to any sound with my right ear.. Just suddenly lost its function.. Its happen when I was 7 years old. I don't know what happen though.. Just this condition made me feel shy and not confident to make friends..

Third is I like to sing. One of my hobbies is singing. But let me inform you this, even if I like to sing, that doesn't mean that I am good at it. I am sure that I am  very bad at it. But there is someone special that thinks I am very good at singing. I never sing to him directly though, just by video, but he says I am very good.. Thanks dear >...<

Next thing about me is I like to paint my nails.. Today I just paint them with orange color.. I have many colors of nail polishes in my home, Black, brown, red, blue, pink, yellow, green, gold, silver, violet, purple etc.. I like red the most, because its more elegant I think. Hehe..

The last one is, I love tulips.. This flowers grows in Netherlands, and its impossible to find the flowers here, in my country.. I really wish that someday I could see those flowers with my eyes or even could have a small little garden of tulips, but I guess it will be impossible :/

Uhmmm.. Now for the people being tagged:
1. AquaBoy98 ---> My little brother, you should try this one. Its very fun!

2. Everlasting721 ---> My father from Pakistan. Thanks a lot for your help when I am confused with my homework. I am very appreciate it, and you already teach me many things since I know you.. Thanks daddy~

3. Vamshi13Steve ----> My big brother from India.. Thanks a lot for being with my these lately, anna.. I hope you will always be good and happy :)

4. Martinecka ---> You are one of my very first friend since I joined this site.. We talked about our life and now I guess lets have fun for by playing this game.. OK?
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bkn story kyk gini juga la.. harus 5 fakta ttg dirimu tag ke 3-5 org.. g boleh tag ke w lagi..knpa u tag mreka juga harus ditulis lo

You only sing for him through videos? When you can be with him will you still sing for him? hehe
Impossible for tulips? Awwwww don't say that, you are going to see tulips, and will have a little garden so you can take care of hehe

yes, through videos, but i will sing for him, if we are together, that what he wants :)
its just hard to find tulips here.. because according to what i know is tulips only grow in Netherlands.. hehe

he must be very lucky to hear you singing :)
uhmmmm that's weird.... I think I saw tulips once.... maybe I was mistaken.... *confused*, but it is still not impossible for you to have ^__^

where did you see tulips? hehehe.... no, i am lucky that he wants to hear my bad singing... &gt;...

Uhmmm I don't remember where... it was a really long time ago.... it was probably in a park on my city.... I will try search for tulips here...
Awwwww, c'mon, your voice must be so sweet hehe *smiles gently*

may be its sweet for singing? its not good... hehehe &gt;..&lt; okay, thanks for your help &gt;..

Well he likes you singing right? If the girl I love likes me singing then that's all that matters to me hehe
i will go to a flower store, i think they have tulips, it won't hurt to seacrh :)

yeah, i guess he like that &gt;...&lt; hehehe.. thanks for the help..

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