I've Been Tagged

Well, according to the rules I need to state a series of things after having been tagged. SOOOOOOO, here we go.

1. I am a super shy and awkward person.

2. I love videos games in which you feel like a whole new person.

3. I am 21 and still love Pokemon. That's right, I went there.

4. I love snow and cold in general. I'd rather be cold than hot.

5. I love to write a variety of things such as songs, poetry and so forth!

NOW, I must tag some people. So, I shall list who I have chosen to tag.

1. Shebby88 - I chose to Tag Shebby88 here because she's a BAMF Ninja Goddess and totally needed to be tagged.

2. Rainfilledeyes - I chose to tag Rainfilledeyes because she was one of my first friends on EP and ended up being my bestie. She's a great friend and has always been there for me.

3. Periodot4daisy - Daisy here is an awesome person that has been a great friend to me. She's awesome at listening and communicating so I thought she deserved a tag!

Frost119 Frost119
26-30, M
Jan 17, 2013