Tag Your It

So this is my first time being tagged & playing the game.

Five things about me.
1. I'm native american & caucasian
2. I love sushi
3. I went to culinary school
4. I'm an artist I love to make costumes & other fun stuff to wear.
5. I love to dance especially to electronic music.

People I tag

grayday104- we have been friends pretty much sense I started my ep account. You have put up with me & my moods, talk to me when I'm sad & allways cheer me up. & I thank you so much. I am grateful we are friends :-)

Twotearsinabucket316- i love how you allways ask how my kitty is doing that's so cute & sweet. It will never fails that you can put a smile on my face. Thank you for being my friend. Your such a sweet heart. & i love the grumpy kitty avatar so much!!

quietlitany- *sigh* theres so much i can write about you & why you are so special to me but I'll keep it simple. You are such an amazing person & I hold you very close to my heart <3

WedgieGeek- I love how optimistic you are!! If I'm posting about having a bad day you come check to see if I'm ok. I love that you allways look foward to my quotes. Thanks for being my friend *hugs*

IamDRock- you you you!! Are hilarious!!! Yes you. Allways posting funny questions & making me laugh. & you have also listened to me when I needed a guys advice!! You do rock!!

Now your guys turn to write 5 facts about your self & tag 5 of your friends. Be a good sport & play along :-)
fractalpterodactyl fractalpterodactyl
26-30, F
Jan 17, 2013