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1.- I love staying up all night long.

2.- I am currently refurbishing a dollhouse.

3,- I have been writing and constructing 2 books at once . . .
one . . . a how to book on my crafts
two . . . a book of my poems

4.- I do occassional volunteer work for a local charity.

5.- I love to go antiqueing with my brother.

I tag . . . Godiva101 'cause she's my newest friend . . . also mustbnemi 'cause I like to annoy him . . . KassieKat 'cause I enjoy her writing . . . MissRedHood 'cause again I like her writing . . . Sierra33 'cause she's so much fun . . .
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I love your list Ms. Mermaid! *smile* It never ceases to amaze me just how much we have in common. I would really love to see pictures of your dollhouse when it's finished...as well as a peek at your two books when they are completed. :)

P.S. http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Want-To-Play-Experience-Project-Tag/2938730?edited=t

thank you Ms. Kat ! . . . 8D . . . very cool . . . love those commonalities . . . ahhh pics . . . you're in luck my kat like friend . . . for I have just discovered the great skill of pic takin' onto a computer . . . hahahahaha . . . yesss I have been that technologically retarded . . . no more . . . you shall have your pics and I thank you for your interest . . . 8D

Well done my friend . It is so exciting to learn of such amazing things that occupy your lifestyle...Dollhouses are an awesome project..Antiques are also fun to search but the area i am in i really have not looked..and your writing as everyone knows should be placed in books...thanks you for playing well..love u bunches....
I also wanted to thank Ms Sierra33 although i have not had the pleasure of meeting ..i have now found how interesting and how fun she can be too. My sweet friend all your tags are beautiful selections.....Thank you for joining...xxxxx love u xx

What a cool list. I LOVE doll houses!! I would love to build one from one of the kits they sell someday!! I also think volunteering to help folks is really awesome. We do a lot of that to in our area. Antiques ROCK!! I love poking around old shops looking at them and even if they are just old and not an antique I love em!!

I am a total lazy bug with being tagged! I do my story right on the same thread where I get tagged!! I sort of think of it as good time management! I get to share and still wander back to your thread all at the same time!! Also doing it this way helps me to not forget to do it....I've gotten in BIG trouble for that a couple times.... :O
I have babbled so much about me in here I'm not sure if I have anything new to add but I'll try!!
Here goes:
1. I LOVE dandelions on green lawns! I think the yellow polka dots look great. Hubs doesn't agree with me on this. He is all about a nice evenly green lawn. But....our neighbor across the street lets his dandelions grow and go too puffballs and they blow right over to our yard. I wont tell ya what hubs has to say about this...but I sorta think it ROCKS.
2. I love trees...ALL trees. The older and more gnarled they look the better!
3. I also talk to trees. They have never answered me back but I figure they give me oxygen to breathe and that is good enough in my book.
4. I always get chapped hands in the winter. I wash them all the time and spend time outside walking my dog so they get all red and yucky. I go thru tons of lotion but it doesn't stop the redness. This year the lady in our local candle shop gave me some pure beeswax to rub on and WHA-LAAAA no red at ALL! It smells awesome to cause she adds a little vanilla oil to it. A perfect cure!! You can get beeswax online or in candle supply stores. It isn't too expensive and it WORKS! My hands look fine and feel soft!
5. I love to start my day sipping coffee and reading ep...I do it almost everyday too....ok..that isn't really news but I thought it would be a fun thing to add just cause I couldn't come up with anything else new!!

I tag anybody who wants to write a story. Just say I tagged you and I'll swear to it!! :D

I loved this . . . awesomely done chickie . . . I love dandelions too . . . they definitely add a bright bit of a kick to any lawn . . . tells hubs I said so . . . hahahaha . . . I love trees too . . . talking to em just like plants that's very cool . . . I went to a pagan retreat once and one of the classes I took we had to hug a tree and try to connect with it discover it's wisdom . . . I felt too silly . . . no wisdom here . . . hahahahaha . . . ya know what's awesome also for chapped winter hands is Alveeno oat formula lotion . . . I swear by it . . . I too am forever washing my hands doing dishes always in the water then they split and crack . . . very painful . . . until I discovered this stuff . . . but I love your idea better . . . love natural beeswax . . . expensive though . . . thank you for sharing . . . and I do love that you get up early every morning and read ep over coffee . . . me too . . . it's a great way to start the day . . . hahaha . . . great job Sierra . . . 8D

Oh thanks!! I don't think I have tried that Aveeno lotion yet, at least not that exact one!! I'll give it a try. Once I had a pain in my back and hubs told me to go sit with my back to the tree and just clear my mind and meditate on seeing the trees energies move into my back.. It might have just been a total coincidence but I did it and my back ache cleared up!! It was totally cool! :)

My goodness. You are a creative soul. Antiqueing, insomnia and volunteer work head my lists most days. The dollhouse sounds very ambitious and creative! I need to discover a new creative outlet. Your writing belongs in books. It is consistently excellent and engaging.

hahahahaha . . . you are such a love . . . *BIG GRIN* . . . thank you shweetie . . . you made my insomniatic night . . . love you . . . 8D