I Was Tagged By Ellefem!

mmm, 5 random things about me. 1`. I used to like to fish when I was little but never liked putting the worms on the hook. 2. I do not like brussel sprouts at all. 3. I spent more time in curlers when I was little than most little girls did.4. I had a crush on Wally from Leave It To Beaver when I was little. 5. I like to play almost any card game. Tag you are it: Georgia Rosa, kim1girl, Aiyana, CDJuliaA, And Kayleew2000.
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1 Response Jan 29, 2013

Hi allgirlall the time, I was tagged by Curiousebonybutterfly. After naming the 5 to continue the game only one played. Did your five (Georgia Rosa, kim1girl, Aiyana, CDJuliaA, And Kayleew2000) look iinto the rules and play of the game and continue to play?

can i play, i like playing games with girls