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I Was Tagged By Ellefem!

mmm, 5 random things about me. 1`. I used to like to fish when I was little but never liked putting the worms on the hook. 2. I do not like brussel sprouts at all. 3. I spent more time in curlers when I was little than most little girls did.4. I had a crush on Wally from Leave It To Beaver when I was little. 5. I like to play almost any card game. Tag you are it: Georgia Rosa, kim1girl, Aiyana, CDJuliaA, And Kayleew2000.
deleted deleted 26-30 2 Responses Jan 29, 2013

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Are there rules to this game? :-)

Hi allgirlall the time, I was tagged by Curiousebonybutterfly. After naming the 5 to continue the game only one played. Did your five (Georgia Rosa, kim1girl, Aiyana, CDJuliaA, And Kayleew2000) look iinto the rules and play of the game and continue to play?

This is the first time I've been tagged. Rules? What rules?

can i play, i like playing games with girls