Guess What ? Tagged !!

Ok then…..I’ve been tagged a few times now and I’ve been hopelessly lazy I know. I promised I’d do this so since Elle tagged me yesterday here we go with 5 random things about Bree:-

  1. When I was 19 my brand new car was written off three weeks after I bought it.  It had 750 miles on the clock!
  2. I went to my Auntie’s funeral and got left at the crematorium after paying a visit to the loo.  Everyone thought I’d left  in one of the other funeral cars…… family still laugh about it now.
  3. I really don’t like spiders but I’m really proud that recently I held a 'Pink Toed Tarantula' called Lucy.  I think it helped that the not so little critter was fury…
  4. I’m quite superstitious…silly I know but it seems obvious to me that you just wouldn’t walk underneath a ladder if you could avoid it.  Oh and I never put new shoes on the table.
  5. I love animals.  I’d love to help out at the local animal shelter but I just KNOW I’d end up bringing them all home and then I wouldn’t be able to give them away…….I get way too attached.

Sooooo…….the question is now who do I tag?  I know I’m probably going to get flak for this but hey I don’t make the rules but then I'm not one to abide by them either..heehee.   Here are the peeps I'm nominating :-

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4 Responses Jan 30, 2013

Thanks for sharing about yourself.

You actually <i>touched</i> a spider?? Eeek

Interesting list Bree.... I've never heard of the shoe superstition. And oh my goodness about the funeral. That's too funny and scary. I know I would have freaked out a bit. What gave you the courage to hold the spider?

I'd always wanted to hold a tarantula tbh.....somehow it was easier than the smaller ones we have here that look really currants on legs !...urgh *shivers*

What a great list. I gotta go Google pink toed tarantula now to see what one looks like!!
My mom was always buggy about not putting shoes on the table too....she swore it was bad luck!!

Awww thanks.....Well honestly Sie I think that's where I got it from too....My Mum would go bonkers if I put new shoes on the table....of course I'd pull a face and think to myself *crazy woman* .........I think it's just stuck with me ever since.

Mom's have a way of doing that to us!! :D