Tagged by NorthernMan1966; here goess.. 32 things about myself.

1. My last relationship ended because I moved across country
2. My favorite band is Cold Play, never been to one of their concerts :(
3. The toughest thing Ive ever been through was probably... Living in this broken family and this terrible home
4. My best friends name is Jerii!! a.k.a. Jerdogg <3
5. One of my favorite movies are Trapped in the closet, lolol
6. I'm straiggghht, but have experimented
7. I smoke and drink
8. I have 3 piercings; eyee brow, belly button & tongue
9. I want to become a chef
10. My relationship with my parents are iffy and back and forth..
11. My biggest insecurity is my body type. I hate being tall and skinny.
12. Something I find attractive in guys are SMILLLESSS
13. I'm not a virgin
14. My favorite place to shop is probably.. wal mart
15. I has brown eyes <3
16. I HATE school because of how early I have to wake and how long it lasts
17. I currently am not single... It may sound terrible, but I have 2 boyfriends.. -.-
18. My favoritee song is probably BANDZ A MAKE HER DANCE
19. I talk to myself when Im alone o.o
20. Im mistaken for being 18 a lot
21. I wish I was in ILLINOIS right now buuut whateves.
22. My favorite childhood memory is probably being over all happy
23. Im kinda passive aggressive
24. My ideal date is probably watching a ton a movies and drinking and smoking
25. My biggest pet peeve is loud noises
26. Last time I cried wasss...  when I got my eyebrow pierced
27. Ive never been to a concert
28. I dont want to go to college
29. Im a WILD CHILD. Im VERY adventurous and I often act without thinking
30. Im really 16
31. Ive been arrestedddd =/
32. and currently my mood idk, i guess blahh =/
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1 Response Jan 30, 2013

Wow, thank you so much my friend!

I spelled your name wrong the first time, but I fixed it, lol.

Lol, thats quite fine.

I hope that you are having a wonderful day, young lady. All the best to you!