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So here we go.. thank you for taggin *pokes affectionatesweetheart's rip*

I must post 5 random things here.. will be hard (: 

1. I used to play icehockey in a female hockey team here in our city

2. I act like i dont hear things if i dont want to do them.. eventhought mostly the other person repeats as long as cant act anymore haha

3. I cant go to doctor, not because im afraid of meeting the doc, but because i cant stand the waiting before it

4. i mostly think its monday, eventhought its thuesday

5. I translate songs from german to english while listening to them and imagin the voices singing it in english (eventhought my main language is german)

I know those points aint worth much but was all i could think off x .

And I would like to tag :


good luck (:
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Jan 31, 2013