Who Do You Think She Is ?

she smiles if you are near her?
she looks sad if you are bit further than her?
what's it gonna be then?
she is hunged in famouse place where wine and chesse are famous
she is protected by laser beam and no one is able to touch her?
what's it gonna be ?

I will give some tips
pizaa, spagetti
olive oil and history

whta's it going to be

this is easy to start !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess eveyone know who she is ????  
sanabil01 sanabil01
46-50, M
4 Responses May 6, 2011


another clue today<br />
<br />
M..........................?<br />
<br />
msyterious lady>>>>

1 clue :<br />
<br />
dak green dress !!!!<br />

no one yet able to solve this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , who is she????? , it 's very easy<br />
<br />
want more clue?