I Should Start Playing Again!

About ten years ago I bought a 1984 Fender Flame,a very rare guitar.It was a solid body electric. It had a sunbrust finish.It was beautiful and it sounded great.I also bought a Crate amplifier.

I played every day after work and practiced hard.I got pretty good after four years.I was no expert but I wasnt half bad.I was living with by brother at the time and I would tick him off.Id turn up distortion just to get him mad,lol!I loved that thing.

But then I moved into my own place and money got tight.I did the olny thing I could do to survive.I had to sell my instrument.I didnt want to.I got $600 US for it.I found later it was worth $2500 US.

Once I get things together money wise now(times are rough right now) I am going to buy another Fender and play again.Im probably quite rusty after so many years,but I can relearn.Music sooths a person!

irishknight1973 irishknight1973
41-45, M
Feb 22, 2009