I Love My Favourite Epers

Top of my list has to be
The Shepherdess
Shep was, I think, my third circle friend on EP. Over the time I have been a member, I have come to know her through her stories, her comments, the PM's we have shared. The Shepherdess is a true nurturer. It shows in her love for her family, her glorious garden (she has pics - just beautiful!) and her many years of fostering animals. Some of those animals have become permanent members of her family. Molly is one precious little one that Shep has shared the story of. I love you, Shep. (hug)

Alvin is another friend from my fist days here at EP. He lives in Paradise, he is another fellow animal lover, and he loves to share pics and stories of his home and his great love - fishing. Always ready to send a greeting and stay in touch. Thank you for your friendship, Alvin. (hug)

1inmany and I have not known each other for as long. But when we first became friends, little did I know I was meeting such a future twin soul. We both agree - we are sisters in an alternate reality! Our lives have paralleled in spooky ways, we share so much and have so many life events in common. I always look forward to contact from 1inmany, even just a quick gesture! She has had hard times in her past, but she is a positive, genuine, caring person. And need I say - another fellow animal lover! I love you, 1inmany. (Sis)


I will finish by mentioning Artsy - after all, it was she who tagged me. This lady really is Sweetness and Light. Everything I read that she has written is positive, encouraging to others, caring, lucid and very heartfelt. I am so glad she is part of my circle. (Big Hugs) for Artsy!!

I won't tag anyone - but if any of my friends read this and wish to take part - consider yourself tagged. :)
Soozles Soozles
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Thank you Shep, I am stuck for words..

My dearest Sooz,<br />
<br />
It doesn't take knowing one another any more or less than right here on EP to form a bond of love. You have always understood me and know, and have experienced, the anguish and rewards of loving "the throw away" pets in our society. Our correspondence has allowed us to learn the "real soul" of each other and to support and appreciate each other as we continue on each of our separate life journeys. The true meaning of friendship is a gift beyond all others. When my life is winding down, what will I remember most? For me, the friendship and love I'll be able to take with me is all that will matter. I'm thankful for every opportunity I've been give to love here on earth. When I signed onto EP, I never thought I would make such close friends. How lucky we are, those of us, that have found true friendship here! <br />
<br />
I love you too, Alvin!<br />
<br />

Thank you Susie, you are also in my Favourite EP ers along side Shep and a couple of others.!!

Thank you, so much Sis!! You really made my day! I am humbled, and honored, to call you my friend, and my sister. You are a true Champion of all creatures in need, and for that, I admire you more than words can express. I love you too, Sis!!....When can I come home?? :)