Life Is Too Precious

I remember all those times when I missed out on enjoying life because I was simply, just too busy working.

Now, I look back and see pictures or videos of my friends or family who actually attended the camping trip or the trip to Disneyland, and I think to myself...

I should have attended. Sometimes I even feel miserable of the fact I wasn't there. 

I think life is too precious to miss out on what the world has to offer. It's filled with so many wonders and places to visit and see. 

Makes me wonder - Is society structured this way...

Are we to be robots trapped in the Matrix and not allowed to venture outside the box? 

Wages are getting smaller, pension plans - out the door, companies are downsizing and some even sending work over seas. 

There's intense pressure on the work force - people wont even take their vacation because they're afraid their job will be gone when they get back.

They want us STUCK.

Well, not me...
There are people who work for money and people who make money work for them.

I figured, in order to work less and play more you have to be on the right side of the game board.  

"The wealthy higher workers who don't think, while thinking of more ways not to work!" - T.L. Frazier

I'm learning their tricks and soon I'll be on the other side of the playing board. 

And, in the words of Charlie Sheen (minus the actions), "WINNING"!

ThatCaliGuy ThatCaliGuy
31-35, M
Feb 21, 2012