Mum's Friend's Daughter.

My mum had a friend who was Her late fiance's sister. She often visited just after the war with her very pretty daughter, who was my age.  Susie and I used to play in the garden, and it got to the stage of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." This was very exciting, even more so when she suddenly grabbed her crotch and announced she was going  to wee, and couldn't wait until she got indoors. She didn't try to hide and just stood there with her hand up her skirt and let it go in her panties. That was the moment her mum arrived! Susie was whisked away indoors to be cleaned up, but her mum didn't make much of it, and soon a picnic lunch came out.

  Susie sat opposite me on the grass and I soon found out that she had no knickers on now. Wow! Well, after lunch Susie and I went for a play in the grass alley behind the house.(ah, the freedom of childhood in those days!). She started to hold her crotch again, as did I because this was getting good. She looked straight at me and said she could hold it longer than me.I said she would have to let me watch to see if she could. After about five minutes of pee dancing ( which I know now what that is ) she just stood , lifted her skirt and peed, right in front of me. She looked at me in a coy way and said it was my turn now. Well, how could I not oblige?

  I wish she were still my girlfriend but her mum moved away and I havn't seen her since. I'd love someone to be like that for me again. Any takers?

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Great story, oh to be young again, happy days!

It's the crotch grabbing and pee dancing I like. I figure if she's doing that I might get to see the result.

I've read your story now. Why didn't you tell me it was here before now?<br />
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Really lovely story, I love how the girl just let go in her panties. That was me at that age for sure. Not long after that, I learned not to grab myself, and then progressed to not doing a pee-pee dance. Tell tales like that get you in trouble fast. It takes longer for wet panties under your skirt to give you away.<br />
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Very nice experience, thanks for sharing!

Sure you can dream. Some can even come true,he says hopefully.