I Really Want To.

My wife and I have had conversations about this; I don't know if it will ever be more than just conversation, but I hope someday to actually fulfill this particular fantasy.  We haven't found the right people to invite to play with us yet.

I think it would be very sexy fun to invite one or two other couples over and play a game called "Onyx."  It's a computer-driven board game, and it's very sexy.  It's a little like monopoly, in that you have a token and a certain amount of cash, and you can buy properties when you land on them, or pay rent to whoever owns them.  In this game, though, there are "action cards" that specify sexual activities from mild to wild.  You have the option to start fully-dressed or anything less than that; you can also set it to only pick from the mild cards, or to pick from the more explicit activities.  If you were to set it any higher than the second level, and if you play long enough, not only would everyone eventually be naked, but all the sexually appropriate people would have had sex.  The game asks for your sexual orientation and for your sexual tastes, and it chooses the activities accordingly. For example, two straight women wouldn't have sexual contact with each other, nor would two straight men, but any straight man might have sex with any straight woman.

I have to say, we've never played it with other people, though we've played it with each other.  Sometimes, when I've needed to "relieve the pressure," so to speak, I've entered the names of people I'd enjoy playing with, and just let my imagination roll with the game...it's very exciting!  I hope someday we'll meet the right friends to play this with, before we're so old and wrinkly that no one wants to see us naked anymore.

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love to play!