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      "Money is like a sixth sense without which you can not use the other five properly"


Agree or Disagree?



Honourable Mention : KAZWAZ1977 (her comment is most convincing, be sure to check it out!)

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5 Responses Nov 28, 2008

I disagree with this one, but it's very subjective....<br />
I disagree, because i'm skint & my senses sre razor-sharp. This is precisely because i am skint! For me, having money muddies the waters, especially morally & psychologically. I think if you put too much emphasis on the belief that money equals success, you are in serious danger of becoming morally bankrupt. Also emotions are flattened-you equate your whole being with how much wealth you have acquired. You stop feeling joy and wonder at the simple things in life. You fail to see how beautiful the world is from inside an expensive car. It's all about the car. When you attach your hopes to attaining wealth, you forget to actually live. So i believe the opposite- the less you have the more opportunities to really live you have. The more chances you have to experience real life. The more money we have, the more buffers to reality we buy; Big cars, big houses, plasma TVs, Playstation, Blackberry - these things don't connect us to our other senses, they separate us from them. The more we have, the less we feel & the less we appreciate how very, very rich we all are spiritually. Anything that deadens our senses as much as money, cannot possibly be like the sixth variety! I'm more a believer of the 'root of all evil' theory.

Thank you all for your comments. I have a bilateral thinking on this topic. I think that money is necessary and important in todays world as it is your ticket to anything you want to do, and on contrary as scoobydoo57 mentioned that the best things in life are always for free... :)

I disagree. The more money you get the more you stop using your other senses. Money can make things easier at times I will say that. With money you may be able to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste things you otherwise wouldn't be able to without money. However, that doesn't make those things any greater than the simple pleasures of life that we can all experience.

I disagree, I'm relatively poor and I think it makes one appreciate the little things in life a lot more.

Disagree. Money can't buy sunrises or sunsets. The smell of the world after it rains. The sound of your children (or friends or relatives children) laughing and playing. The feel of you lovers body against yours. The taste of a berry or fruit that you picked right off the bush. The best things are always free.