Round 2 Day 3 - 8 Things To Win My Heart.

1. have four feet and purr alot.
2. be my son.. (no that's not an invitation, diaper wearing people) *grins*
3. let me fight my battles but remain there for support and wound licking afterwards.
4. send me coffee.
5. send me flowers
6. dedicate a song to me.
7. give me a long warm hug with no expectations of more.
8. make me your first thought when you wake and last thought before you sleep.
SweetKiester SweetKiester
41-45, F
1 Response Nov 19, 2013

1. sighs.. four feet? any idea how many toe nail clippings I would be leaving around.. sighs.. I do purr alot though.. 2. J is a charmer.. you are lucky he is there to remind you of things.. like his birthday... laughs.. 3. this one is easy.. but I think I see another cat reference.. grrrrr...laughs.. 4. That requires the best.. very impressive.. 5. what if you are allergic.. this could easily have been an attempt at murder... grrrrrr.... idiot man.. 6. I have to actually know a song and remember the title.. this is not likely.. sorry.. smiles.. 7. easy. 8. easy... hmmm... 3 out of 8... that is 83 percent right, a B... :))))

actually... people who already have... needn't comment. *big smile*

just glad you didn't check my math.. grins..

math was never my strong subject... *winks*