Wonderful Out Look

Some two days ago i met a person who was in need or spiritual help.He was about to publish some article.He asked me to help.I gave him a special word to recite as many times as possible in a day.Receiving my word,he began to put his knowledge.I forbade him to recite that word due to confusion in his mind.He became aggressive and start to lecture about my behavior and attitude.I did not give him any reply because i did not like to make my knowledge controversial issue.I believe that any person who want to get help from any one should accept it politely without any bound.Help is help and if there is confusion in mind ,the help will not fruitful.The spiritual knowledge is matter of belief.We should have firm faith in whatever way we go or follow.one arrow at a one shoot will give achievement.I began to think about the out look of that person who addressed me with a lot of word thinking that i am bound him for his service.What do you think about such person and for me?Please suggest and comment to oblige me.
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4 Responses Jan 22, 2011

i have found that often when people seek help, They are really looking for validation.<br />
Any actual help offered is unwelcome. I think this may apply here.

This falls back on the be careful what you ask for clause, he wanted help but did not like what he heard. In the end I have learned you cannot force someone to accept your words or help even if they are correct. Ultimately it is up to them to follow through with the suggestions,

You tried to warn him but in his unwitting arrogance went another way. If I may ask what made you believe he was ready for the word when clearly the student was not?

If you are a guru and this person was seeking enlightenment from you, and you did him the favor of providing him with this special word....and then he chose to follow another path....it would be perfectly acceptable to tell him...as a student...that he was not ready to use the word.