Okay My Turn....

CheekyGeek.....Truth or dare?

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want to play

Well, that's better than where I found my last lost pair.....after buying a new pair so I could see what i was doing at the computer I looked down and lo and behold.....there was the old pair. My ex had run over them with the wheels of the chair and my favorite glasses were trashed! Grrrr.....I almost trashed him! Oh, wait a minute, come to think of it I DID hehehehe

LOL you mean like my typing... Found them though under the radiator.. bad kittys

Not to worry, I can read jibberish :P I never know where my reading glasses are, you ought to see the things I have to decipher after I try writing without them!

ok so many typos. I'll be back after I hunt down my reading glasses, my Cats think it's funny to play with them LOL

LMAO! I would give good money to have seen your face when he asked that!!!! ROFL hahahaha

But it was SOOO creepy trying to do my Job knowing that fellow was jizzing his monkey ewwwwww ewww ewwww

doh... well ok so Im working the tech support chat.. some guys loggs on with install issues, so I'm doing my Job in all my Geeky glory.. and out of Nowhere he asks "so, how many times a day do you masterbait" I thought WTF, but being the professional I am I pretended he didn't ask me that and continued with trouble shooting his computer (btw how stupid is it to take a chance of ticking on the person fixing your computer) anyway. I think it was a miss chat cuz after a while he starts saying how sorry he was, and that he didn't mean to type that.. yeah he was cybering and getting his computer fixed.. HOLY multi tasking... so anyway I told him hey your just lucky I'm a professional cuz I had something rather Cheek as a comeback. and I left it as that.. I tell you true It drove Him absolutly mad that I would not tell him what my reaction was. LOL revenge takes so many forms and you don't have to stoup to their level to get it.

Okay, tell the truth......what's the story you were going to tell me about some guy ******* o** while you were working on his computer hahahaha I can't wait to hear this one!

*steps up Boldly* yeah *sniff* wadda want " hehe I'll go with Truth cuz no way am I turning on the diggie came.. not in This place :P

*steps up Boldly* yeah *sniff* wadda want " hehe I'll go with Truth cuz no way am I turning on the diggie came.. not in This place :P

Come on Cheeky....step up to the plate!