Third Time's The Charm Emptysoul30

Truth or dare?

And yes, you should be afraid, very afraid XD

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I will play

Have you ever given up for pity?

Well its a new game to me, will someone pls explain the same to me, wud be much obligued....

Oh goodie! I dare you to join one of those groups you are too afraid to join :D

I think it's time to call it quits on truth and go for a dare :)

:( I'm not happy with your choice ... but it is your life :)<br />
<br />

You can try Empty ... but ... you'll just be lying to yourself. You won't really be happy will you?

Why on earth would you want to do that?

Darn! I wanted you to pick Dare! But ok. ... let's see ... hmmm ... I hope you don't burn e at the stake but *in a very small voice* Are you gay?

wait wait am i allowed to make someone do truth!? D:

I'm damned either way cos I have an inkling of what a dare might amount to.<br />
<br />
Let's go for truth again. It's served me well up to now :)

Ok, Emptysoul xD Truth or dare?

s'okay... i'm a little cranky tonight.....

I log off? Seriously? :s<br />
<br />
I honestly cannot remember doing that. I mean, I can imagine I'd probably close up and just be horribly vague and unresponsive, but logging off....? D: <br />
<br />
I'm sorry, TRL :( I didn't mean to do that.

When I get too personal or ask something you don't want to answer..... which is why I quit asking......

So can I go again?

Hey! I'm no coward. When have I ever "just logged off"? :(

Well you're afraid of telling us *something*

Ahhh ! grrrr.........he'll just log off...... *walks away grumbling*

Who says I have a secret? :P<br />
<br />
Wait, do I have a secret? >_> It seems like I should remember stuff like that.

LOL sorry TRL :O You'll have to make your own story for Empty to answer you xD

....................Chunks dagger into the floor............................

I knew ... but ... idk ... most of the time I think that THAT'S your secret ... you get me?

WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO THE HELL IS HP? ...... *pulls out Daggers* ........

Retaliate at will xD

Oh, but you know I would have to orchestrate a most terrible dare in retaliation >:P Given that you don't want to take the truth route.

Bye FS! :D *hugs*<br />
Ok, your turn Empty, if you're still talking to me that is...

Truth it is : Emptysoul30, are you in love with HP? And no ... you know I'm not talking about Harry Potter ...

I am terrified beyond belief.

Oh, and I so want to choose dare....but I have the feeling TRL may attack me with some of those daggers she mentioned so long ago.<br />
<br />
Truth, I guess. Third time truly *is* a charm....