Ready Set Go,i Will Answer Honestly.

I am bored so someone ask me 20 questions and try to keep it clean I am tired of sexual questions.
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5 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Do you actually know how to play the game called "Twenty Questions"? And would you like to play twenty questions?

Awesome. ^_^ Are youuu mineral? o_O

um, I thought you played 20 questions before? lol. It means Are you an inanimate object, neither animal nor vegetable?

ok why you tiredd of sexual questions?

no was just a joke question. i quite happy talk about politics, international relations, literature, skiing, school - or, if you prefer, sex!! lol

What's your fav fruit

What's your fav makeup brand

Do you have a favorite pair of underwear?
Lol I do it's a pair of green panties
Lol I'm random tonight

Same here
How often do you wear makeup?

What is your favourite outfit?

This green top I got and some blue jean pants
How old was you when you got your ears pierced

Bout two

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2. What is your favorite Movie?

3. What's that about?

1. Why did you join this site?