Ok,...I had to join this group just to say,..It isn't easy, I've done it.It gets

Nope, don'tcaretogothereagain..........really.

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Was it with men or women? xD


Was this recently or in your youth? It seems fun but seems like it could get gross lol

Boy, since when are sexcapades in your prime youth gross?

Oh I mean it's gross when an old guy jumps in xD


Amen sista

Righteous! Gotta love uh Amen~

you should live a little sometime,...its fun and not so gross

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You just have to be careful

I think its certainly a spicey thing to do with each other if your married or partnered. Sonetimes you just need to break routines or rituals and nothing better to do that with than naked twister ;-) or ***** poker which could lead to naked twister, lol

I don't know the answer to that but I like you have seen things in the spirit world. As a child I saw spirits stand around my bed every night until I was around 10 or so. I recall asking my brothers in the same room if they saw all of the people in our room and they'd make fun of me and say no. As I laid in bed I was covered in what looked kinda like a dome that looked like chicken wire that would glow and the people would stand around my bed that looked like the people you'd see in the bible days. I've saw a lot of strange things as a child my mom told me I told the preacher at church that there was a devil in church where we went,he was greatly angered! Recently I well not so recent I guess 4 yr now I started hearing demons and shortly afterwards I started seeing them too! They harass me all the time,I am Christian well,I believe in Jesus to say I'm Christians and insult to Christians due to my slipping away so. I see what the bible calls the dragon or serpent. I see him in the sky,also his many many evil watchers! He send down demons on a beam of so kind but it looks like sun rays. I have been attack through people I don't even know to my closest family members,I treated pretty bad most of the time. I'm also under constant attack by these demons through accidents car wrecks attacks on finances marriage health you name it! I know for a FACT that satan is the one behind the ufo junk and get this even big foot! Yeah,I know it sounds funny but it's true! He appeared to eve as a snake,and the bible says that they appear as messengers of the light to fool people,so as times gone on I'm sure he's learn more tricks! But I see him (his demons) appear as other stuff too,like he appears as a 100s of Holy Angels in the sky, I've almost had a accident while driving looking at what I thought was true Holy Angels! But the most heart breaking thing I've ever had happen was when a women named pam shepard told me that I wasn't saved! I've really struggled with that one to this day I'm deeply troubled! But I'm reminded, hey,you haven't been deceived yet have you? I like you wish for someone to help me or to give me the answer to this troubling thing that's happened to me. Why would God allow me to be tormented by demons after I gave my heart and soul and I feel such a deep deep love for him? At times I've gotten mad at him,then is remember "GOD DOESNT OWE ME ANYTHING" so why should I be mad at him? Sometimes very upset to the point of not even wanting to live anymore,I've been deeply heartbroken,I felt as God didn't love me because I was doing something wrong or I've been too bad to forgive or I committed the unforgivable sin? I still wrestle with all of these emotions... With no answer. I just think that God will take all of this bad and use it to glorify his awesome name. And I try to reach out to others like me and try to comfort them. Anyway if anyone needs to talk here's how to reach me 1-318-469-3838 God bless you all and keep you.

He does. Thank you for your sweet concern sister.

It sounds quite interesting.

One wonders what fate awaits each one of us,, we all are so different from one another and yet we are all created by the same God

The mind wonders. even with clothes it can be interesting.

I'm curious. What was negative about it?

It sure was a blast back then though wasn`t it ??

Seems to be always something getting in the way. Lol

Some things seem like a good least on paper,but in reality,there are drawbacks that one doesn't always take into consideration.Having played Twister with clothes on,I can honestly say,it might get a bit tricky trying to play this game in the nude,especially if there's more than two pla<x>yers.It might just be fun to be the one spinning,and even then,you might get more than you bargained for eh?lol


I betcha you could end up having some real athletic-like sex if the moves went right!! :D

Um.. I don't know..LOL you could be dead on though...jus sayin