...but I Don' Like To Lie!

!) My last boyfriend did some stupid stuff, like smoking pot (and getting caught quite often), so we broke up, and I kinda went crazy...like, attacking him at the Valentine's day Dance on Friday the Thirteenth.
2) I once smacked someone in the face with my binder after I got off the bus, because she wouldn't leave me alone.
3) When I was born, an' the doctors had finally made me cry, my dad came over to me, and he told me, "Crying never gets you anywhere in life...if you wanna get your way, you have to SCREAM as loud as you can." So, I did...and just then, the power generator was struck by lightning, and all the power in the hospital went out.
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Oh yeah...the third one was an amazing coincidence, so I thought to put it in.

Sorta...that was back when I had height.<br />
And he's scared as hell of me...

a guy ran from you huh? small guy I guess..

Got me already?<br />
<br />
He was never my boyfriend. Never had one. Just a guy I liked who happened to change for the much, much worse.<br />
And I didn't attack him in the normal sense of the word...just chased him off. It was funny.

1 is false then!

Nope! It's true...but she was being a tapeworm an' wouldn't leave me alone.

2 is the lie

Take your pick...it's all kinda unusual =D